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Before contacting us please read the faq as it contains most commonly asked questions. If you still do not find the answer, write to us and WAIT 12 hours for a reply.

Important : Membership Not Approved

If it has been 24 hours and your membership has not been approved, please immediately contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all people allowed to become members?

A. does not discriminate regarding caste, color, religion or in any way. We believe all people are the same and deserve the chance to enjoy the success of an arranged marriage through

Q. What is the cost of membership?

A. Gold membership costs $95 and is valid for 3 months, Diamond membership costs $160 and is valid for 6 months, and Platinum membership costs $210 and is valid for 12 months.

Q. Can I meet my life partner online?

A. Yes, you can find your life partner online. Thousands of people have so why not you? Online matchmaking is changing the way people look for marriage partners.

Q. How to become successful on in simple steps?

A. Your Personal Profile

Give as much information as you can about yourself and the expectations you have about the person you are searching as your potential life partner. Well written profiles have higher chances of success. Try to keep your profile current.

Your photo

Your profile is incomplete if does not have a photo. A good picture is worth thousand words. We are baffled why some of the members are shy about uploading photo. Here you are about to make the most important decision of your life yet, many still do not post photos. You do it on Facebook why the hesitation on online matchmaking. It also important to upload a picture which clear, current and the one you like most. In other words post a picture which is the most flattering.

Become a premium member

If you are really serious and want to communicate effectively become a premium member. Free member can only express interest and reply to messages sent by premium member.

Have a responsible attitude

Check your mail for messages and reply back as soon as possible. Login to the site for new members, you never know one of them may become your life partner. Remember being persistent and having responsible attitude has never hurt anyone. is like a river. New members register every day. Checking back often improves the chance of finding the ideal partner.

Q. What are the rights of Free members?

A. They can register themselves free.
They express interest for free.

It should be noted will only approve members who have a well written and complete profile or there is a star member looking for someone similar.

Q. How do get refund on membership?

A. If you wish to refund your membership fees, this will not be done by calling us on phone. will refund 50% of the amount paid if applied for within 72 hours of taking membership. Once you have written to members there is no refund. Request for refund can be made by using contact us form. It will take one business day to get your refund from Mon to Friday

Q. What is the difference between free and premium member?

A. Premium members are approved as soon as they submit their profile and payment is received within 2 mintues. They can login and start contacting the members. Free members have to wait at least 24 hrs for approval of their membership. They will not be able to write personal messages,use shadi messenger and sms services

Q. Where are my email messages being sent?

A. All email messages generated by the site are sent to the registered email address of the member as well as to the inbox section of

Q. Approval time for free membership?

A. Free members are approved if the profile is well written. There is a waitlist period of 10 days. Member is informed by email if his/her free membership is approved. Please do not write to us for approval.

Q. How do I upgrade my membership?

A. You can write to us through the contact form or click the upgrade link on your Profile page.

Q. I have lost my password. Can you send it to me?

A. You need to go to this link. Type in your email address and the password will be sent to your mailbox.